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In today’s modern world the majority of the people is opting for a fiber optic cable for good reasons. A key reason why these cables are highly favored is because of the high-bandwidth that they offer for different residential and industrial purposes. If you need such cables call us at Integrated System Installers. We are a certified and licensed company and the areas that we serve include the different parts of Arvada, Boulder, Cheyenne, Denver, Fort Collins and Inglewood CO.

Discover the different benefits

When you use fiber optic cables in your home or office you can avail the following benefits namely,

  • Extremely High Bandwidth: When it comes to bandwidth, no other cable can stand close to fiber optic cables.
  • Networking and telecommunication- Owing to the flexibility of these cables, these can be used both for networking and telecommunication.
  • Light weight- these cables are light in weight making it hassle-free to work with.
  • The resistance against electromagnetic interference- these cables possess a bit error of a low rate due to the fiber being highly resistant against electromagnetic interference.
  • Noise free and secure- fiber optic cables are noise free in nature and offers a secure transmission medium because there will be no means of detecting the transmission of the data via listening to the electromagnetic force that leaks through the cable.
  • Compatible and easy to install- These cables are light in weight, small in size and possess good flexibility so it is compatible and easy to install with all forms of digital technologies.
  • Safe transmission- Fiber optic cables does not lose light, thus the transmission is secure and will not be disturbed.
  • Portable- owing to its small size and lightness, these cables have the capacity of carrying huge number of signals
  • Ideal for special atmospheres- as fiber optic cables do not have electrical signals so there is no scope for any shock or hazards, thereby making it ideal for work especially in explosive atmospheres.

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